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Coloured Like the Bandung Drink

By Darren

From this actspeditions trip, I have learned to humble myself through the involvement of building works for the education centre, as there are fewer chances to get involved personally in my working environment. Instead of managing workers on site as an Architect, I got my hands dirty and got to do all the scrapping, painting (beautiful colour just like that of thee ‘Bandung’ drink) and wiring myself. Also, I gained cross-cultural experience working together with people from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities to achieve the same purpose of helping others who are in need.

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Mission Impossible Made Possible

By Mei Teng

The actspeditions trip to Jemara was indeed a personal spiritual breakthrough for me in the year of 2010. I must say that this service learning trip was more memorable than my previous experiences. The purpose of the trip is to rebuild the Jemara education centre. It involved many hands-on building works and also teaching English to the children, something which I have not done before.


I must admit that I did not prepare well due to my busy schedule at work. Many things I have overlooked, believing that I had the experience from my past mission trips; so I should be able to handle it. However, on the first day at the rebuilding site I was so distressed to find the education centre in a worse condition than I expected. Looking back at the days we had to complete the project, the task seemed so impossible to me.


Rebuilding in Progress

However, despite the discomfort from the low water supply, non-existence of electricity and toilet facilities, we managed to pull through the impossible and it is all worth it.


Children's Drawing

The restless children in the village reminded me about how blessed I am. They had no proper education, malnutrition, and their physical hygiene was lacking, i.e. bare footed & dirty clothing. However, as I looked into their eyes, I saw the hunger to learn. While we were there, the children were eager to interact with us despite the language barrier. We spent much time mingling with them and the smiles on their faces warmed my heart.

This trip has challenged me to greater levels of sacrifice for those around me.

Love Matters

By Lux

The trip to Jemara was my first actspeditions trip and I am immensely thankful for it. Above all else, I learnt that it is love that ultimately matters.

The local coordinators/teachers’ lives were powerful testimonies. Their perseverance, sincerity and love in serving the community in Jemara challenged me to not take lightly the transitional time that I have in Singapore for love is needed here as well.

I went out of my comfort zone by taking charge of organising activities for the children. At first it was a struggle, but gradually as I learned to lay down my fears and insecurities, the time with them transformed me. Their joy and love for life blessed me deeply. Above all, through this time I cultivated within my heart a love for the children. I realised if I was not placed in a situation where I would come into contact with them, I would have stayed at a distance and never got to know them better.

I am glad I could be involved in this project to bless the community on Jemara!

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